Camel Walks 62 Miles In Desert Alone To Find Former Owners

A homesick camel trekked more than 60 miles across the Gobi Desert in Central Asia to find its former owners.

The camel was sold by its former owners, Temur and Naren, in Qiandamen gacha of Inner Mongolia to a herdsman who raises camels in Wugai Sumu last fall.

Unaccustomed to the new environment, the camel decided to embark on a journey back to its former owner’s home on June 27.

The camel trekked across mountains and rivers, climbed over fences, and crossed expressways to get to its destination. The elderly camel had reportedly walked more than 62 miles alone in the desert when a herdsman spotted it and contacted its former owners.

Temur and Naren were touched by the camel’s loyalty and agreed to buy the camel back from the new owner.

The couple wrapped Hada, a traditional Mongolian ceremonial scarf, around the camel’s neck making it a part of their family.