Mindfulness: Let There Be Light!

All the light lies within ourselves, if we realize it properly. The bliss never comes from outside. It sprouts from deep subconscious mind.

Most people are like moon that glow by others’ light. The source of power lies somewhere else. So, it is necessary to realise our own light.

Hope, bliss and internal happiness are enough for life. Now it is up to us to understand them. Those who realise them are less affected by external things.

The banyan tree doesn’t need the rainy water as much as the guava tree. It is prosperous from inside. Even in case of long drought, its roots can stay alive. It is not the same with the guava Tree. Humans have similar traits.

We all react differently to the same incidents. Those who are deep rooted give subtle reaction, perhaps may not even react if they are aware. On the other hand, the hurried ones become upset and keep upsetting the ones from whom they are taking their glow.

The difference of attitude in handling various kinds of situations makes people different. So make yourself strong from inside during this Corona crisis. Take your decisions carefully and with full attention. Protect your mind like the lamp needs security amidst storms. This lamp saves us form inner deep darkness.